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Friday 19 October 2018
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Induction workshops    

20 June 2018
10 October 2018
29 January 2019
19 March 2019


These events are suitable for all organisations who train in the use of physical intervention.

The BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme has at its heart the BILD Code of Practice in the use and reduction of physical interventions and the joint DoH/DfES document ‘Guidance for restrictive physical interventions’ which recommends that training should normally be provided by trainers who are accredited under the BILD Code of Practice and express a formal interest in progressing to accreditation.

Programme of the day

See the full programme in the event information you can download on the right.


British Institute of Learning Disabilities  
Birmingham Research Park
97 Vincent Drive
B15 2SQ
0121 415 6960

Our offices are easily accessible by both car and public transport, located a short walk from Birmingham University train station and just off the A38. There is also a bus stop very close by. 

The link below gives full details about how to find us, as well as using a sat-nav and gives a link to use in a mobile phone map App.



Frequently asked questions about the Scheme    

Below are some of the questions we are asked most often. There are many more answers to other questions in our document, Frequently asked questions about the BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme.

Download the full list of most Frequently Asked Questions > 

Does the Scheme accredit PBS training?

The BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme is an evidence based process of external validation of the quality of physical intervention training programmes delivered to the health, social care and education sectors. 

The fundamental process of accreditation is the provision of evidence that the applicant organisation’s curriculum and trainers can prove adherence to all of the criteria in the BILD Code of Practice (2014). The panel accredits the training organisations, programmes of training, and individual trainers (who deliver an accredited training programme on behalf of the accredited organization).   

Organisations and individuals who provide BILD-accredited training are required to promote: 

  • Rights-based approaches
  • An understanding that a person’s behaviour has a purpose and a function
  • A balance of proactive and preventive approaches to reduce reliance on restrictive practices, as well as reactive strategies and de-escalation techniques 
  • Person-centred, individualised plans
  • The use of data to minimise the use of physical intervention over time and to support a learning approach
  • Supportive teamwork when working with behaviours of concern
  • The importance of reflective practice, debrief and review for all concerned


•The importance of an approach which is bespoke, and is informed by a comprehensive understanding of the rationale for the inclusion of restrictive physical intervention. 

This makes clear that BILD accredits PI training, it does not accredit PBS training.  

There is at present no national system of accreditation of PBS training. The PBS Academy is currently looking to develop a set of accreditation standards as a first and necessary step of the development of any accreditation infrastructure.  

Which areas does the scheme cover?

The scheme accredits training that is delivered in any setting for the following groups: 

  • Children and adults with a learning disability
  • Children and adults with autistic spectrum conditions
  • Pupils with special educational needs
  • Children with additional needs that may result in socially inappropriate behaviour(s)
  • Children with social and emotional difficulties associated with behaviours that challenge
  • Adults with learning disability and/or autism who are detained under the Mental Health Act 
  • Children and young people (up to the age of 19) who are detained in semi secure and secure settings or who are detained under the Mental health Act
  • Families and family carers, including foster carers, including foster carers, those offering short breaks and support to children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, autism and social emotional and behaviour difficulties 
  • Currently BILD are preparing to pilot the BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme overseas, and in mental health services, covering the areas of acute, forensic, and low and medium secure services


Where can I find out which organisations are currently accredited? 

The providers who currently provide BILD-accredited training are listed here >

If you have a query please e-mail accreditation@bild.org.uk 

Organisations who are in the process of making an application for accreditation will not be included on this list. 

If an organisation previously provided accredited training and does not appear on the list, it may be that;

  • A. They have let the accreditation lapse
  • B. They have failed to meet the standards on re-accreditation, or
  • C. They have had their status suspended or removed within the rules of the scheme. BILD will not discuss why an organisation does not appear on the list, we can simply confirm whether an organisation is currently accredited.


If you have a query about an individual’s status as a provider of  BILD-accredited training, please ask them for details of their Unique Accredited Trainer Reference number. If you are still unsure, please contact accreditation@bild.org.uk  


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£175.00 + VAT for first person fee
£80.00 + VAT for second person fee 

How to book a place at this event

Use the booking form

Download the event details above. The booking form is an Adobe Fillable Form. Fill it in, save it, and email it back to us as an attachment to learning@bild.org.uk 

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For more information or to book a place by telephone, please call the Events Team on 0121 415 6970