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Friday 15 November 2019
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The International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support 

The International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support is a peer-reviewed publication that aims to: 

  • define and promote good practice in relation to the use of PBS

  • add to the evidence base regarding such interventions

  • demonstrate how PBS interventions can support people to change their challenging behaviours, improve their quality of life, and result in reductions in the use of restrictive procedures (such as physical intervention, seclusion and as required medication)

  • bridge the gap between academic research and service practice


It is published twice a year. 

So, what is positive behavioural support?

The Winter 2013 issue of IJPBS was a special issue dedicated to defining what PBS is, and therefore what isn't, PBS.  

As the journal's editors, David Allen and Peter Baker make clear, "Many agencies in the UK now claim to be delivering Positive Behavioural Support - the contents of this issue will enable service users, families, commissioners and inspectorates to determine whether this is actually the case in practice." 

The issue included an editorial, which you can download below, and four articles written by some of the leading academics and practitioners in the field:

  • A conceptual framework for understanding why challenging behaviours occur in people with developmental disabilities by Richard P Hastings, David Allen, Peter Baker, Nick J Gore, J Carl Hughes, Peter McGill, Stephen J Noone and Sandy Toogood
  • Definition and scope for positive behavioural support by Nick J Gore, Peter McGill, Sandy Toogood, David Allen, J Carl Hughes, Peter Baker, Richard P Hastings, Stephen J Noone and Louise D Denne
  • Developing a core competencies framework for positive behavioural support: issues and recommendations by Louise D Denne, Stephen J Noone, Nick J Gore, Sandy Toogood, J Carl Hughes, Richard P Hastings, David Allen, Peter Baker and Peter McGill
  • Implementing positive behavioural support: changing social and organisational contexts by David Allen, Peter McGill, Richard P Hastings, Sandy Toogood, Peter Baker, Nick J Gore and J Carl Hughes

Download the editorial >


Other special issues

PBS, trauma and mental ill health
Volume 7, 1, Spring 2017

Download the editorial >

Reactive strategies for situational management 
Volume 6, 1, Spring 2017

Download the opening editorial >

Download the closing editorial >

Back issues and contents pages

You can obtain back issues of the journal and view the  contents pages from the Ingentaconnect website 



Senior editor

Peter Baker

Senior Lecturer Tizard Centre University of Kent and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society  

Associate editors

Joe Lucyshyn

Associate Professor, Behavioural Disorders Program Coordinator, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education, Faculty of Education , The University of British Columbia 

Sandy Toogood

 Head of Clinical Support at the Abbey School for exceptional children and Honorary Professor at Bangor University in the College of Human Sciences  

The Editorial Board


Professor Nigel Beail
Barnsley NHS Trust, UK

Dr Jeffrey Chan
Chief Practitioner, Yooralla, Australia

Vivien Cooper
Challenging Behaviour Foundation, UK

Professor Daniel Crimmins
Georgia State University, USA

Professor Randall L De Pry, Department of Special Education, Portland State University, USA

Louise Denne
Positive Behaviour Solutions Ltd, UK

Professor Sui Lin Goei
Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Dr Nick Gore
Tizard Centre, University of Kent, UK

Professor Richard Hastings
Centre for Educational Development Appraisal and Research, University of Warwick, UK

Meme Hieneman
Co-chair, Home and Community Positive Behavior support Network (HCPBS), USA

Professor Robert Horner
University of Oregon, USA

Dr J Carl Hughes
Wales Centre for Behaviour Change
School of Psychology, Bangor University, UK

Dr Edwin Jones
University of Glamorgan, UK

Dr Gary LaVigna
Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis, USA

Professor Kathryn Lowe
University of Glamorgan, UK

Dr Brian McClean
Brothers of Charity, Ireland

Professor Peter McGill
The Tizard Centre, University of Kent, UK

Associate Professor Keith McVilly
Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

Dr Gill Nethell
Specialist Behavioural Team, ABMU, UK

Dr Steve Noone
Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Sharon Paley
Department of Education, Brisbane, Australia

Dr Mark Smith
Professor George Sugai
Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut, USA

Lynne Webber
Office of Professional Practice, Department of Human Services, Australia

Book review editor

Anne MacDonald
Senior Research Fellow, University of Glasgow, UK

News editor

Sarah Leitch
BILD Development Manager, UK


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The journal’s aim is to increase awareness of the use of positive behavioural interventions. It will inform practice and increase knowledge related to the evidence base for effective behavioural support in educational settings, community settings, social care settings and healthcare settings.

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