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BILD - All About People
Friday 20 July 2018
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Undateable? Not me! - October 2014 Speakers

Please note that the new date for this event is the 3rd October 2014

Kate brackley

Kate Brackley 

A real romantic, when not working at BILD, Kate writes poems or watches the sloppiest films. Appearing on the Undateables was a whirlwind experience, 'I'm so happy with the way things have turned out', says Kate.

The Mingle Group

The Mingle Group   

Mingle is where people with learning disabilities who are lesbian, gay or transgendered can meet up with people like themselves and feel truly safe and truly valued.

Alison Edney and Phil Dyer
Phil Dyer and Alison Edney

Ali and Phil have been together for eight years, firstly as boyfriend and girlfriend then as fiancees and from this July 19th as husband and wife!

Both of them have come a long way since meeting at a social services work project about 10 years ago.

Two years ago they moved in together and have been busy planning their wedding.