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Friday 18 August 2017
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BILD Conferences and events - great learning opportunities

PBS Dublin 2015

At our conferences you get to hear from great speakers, participate in workshops that share knowledge and experience, and gain credits towards your continuous professional development.

Our one day training events bring experienced trainers and the people providing support together, to pass on ideas about new approaches and explore good practice. 

We can also provide training in your workplace tailored to your specific needs, find out more >

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For more information about any of our events, or to discuss creating an event for your organisation, please telephone the Events Team on 0121 415 6970 or email learning@bild.org.uk

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BILD Conferences

Future BILD conferences and events to add to your diary. For more information on these conferences and to book online, follow the links below to the individual conference page where you can download event information and a booking form or begin the online booking process.

For more information on these conferences or to book by telephone, call the Events Team on 0121 415 6970 or email learning@bild.org.uk

RRN Conference Flyer 7.2017

The 2018 Restraint Reduction Network Conference 

5 - 6 March 2018, Birmingham

The 2018 BILD Restraint Reduction Conference will take place in Birmingham on the 5-6 March 2018. 

More details about the conference will be available shortly, for those interested we would advise that you ensure this date is in your diary.

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BILD Continuous Professional Development events  

Future BILD events to add to your diary. For more information on these conferences and to book online, follow the links below to the individual event page where you can download event information and a booking form or begin the online booking process.

For more information, or to book by telephone, call the Events Team on 0121 415 6970 or email learning@bild.org.uk

Introduction to independent advocacy - 08.07.15 flier cover

Introduction to independent advocacy


Advocacy supports people to express their views, choices and decisions on an equal footing and works to make those decisions happen. This event will provide an opportunity to explore all aspects of the role including the underpinning principles, skills and dilemmas. It is for people who are interested in finding out more about the role of an independent advocate or who are newly appointed advocates.

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autism friendly behaviour support plans image

Autism friendly Behaviour Support Plans

11 September 2017, Birmingham

People with autism can face particular challenges from the environment and what goes on around them. This event will help you to pull together a range of information about the person, their behaviour and the environment they operate in and use it to produce an action plan to improve the person’s quality of life and reduce the need for them to use behaviours of concern. 

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Using Happiness in BSP flier cover

Using happiness as an intervention in Behaviour Support Plans

19 October 2017, London 

When we design Behaviour Support Plans the focus is almost entirely on the negative aspects of someone’s behaviour and the impact it has. Instead, we need to design proactive strategies with the aim of reducing stress and anxiety and helping people to stay calm. 

This event is for people who have responsibility for developing behaviour support plans and would be interested in thinking about interventions that promote good feelings.

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Trauma CPD event flyer image

An introduction to PBS and Trauma Informed Care

19 September 2017, Birmingham

This event provides an introduction to the common factors and developmental impacts of trauma across the lifespan. It provides a practical overview of how PBS can be delivered to support healing and growth for traumatized children and adults. 

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Introduction to Active Support Flier Cover

An Introduction to Active Support

17 October  - Birmingham 

Active Support will show you how to enable people to take part more in their own lives and learn new skills, including people with profound learning disabilities or complex needs. The programme will discuss positive interaction, task analysis, opportunity plans, daily participation plans and evaluation.

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active support coaches flyer image

The CAPBS Active Support Coaches Programme 

13,14,15 November, Birmingham

Active Support is a key primary prevention intervention within a PBS framework. This is an intensive ‘train the trainer’ course which aims to skill up successful participants so that they are able to train Practice Leaders in their organisation to coach staff in providing Active Support.

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PBS Coaches Flier Cover

The CAPBS Positive Behaviour Support Coaches Programme

An intensive programme for practitioners with some practical experience of positive behaviour support who would like to extend their knowledge and support the implementation of a positive behaviour support approach within their organisation.

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Functional Behaviour Assessment Flier Cover

How to complete a basic Functional Behaviour Assessment 

18, 19 September, and 18 October 2017, London

On this programme participants will learn how to do a Brief Functional Assessment. This will include learning to complete a Functional Assessment Interview and how to use rating scales effectively. The programme will also cover reviewing reports, reviewing recording tools and undertaking brief observations.  

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Foundation Level 1A Flier Cover

Foundation Level 1A: Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support

26 September 2017, London

The overall aim of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is to improve the quality of peoples lives. 

This event will give participants a basic understanding of PBS approaches and the underpinning value base which promotes the rights of adults and children who sometimes have behaviours that may concern us. It also provides an introduction to the scientific theory and evidence base on which PBS is based.

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Practitioner Level 1B Flier Cover

Practitioner Level 1B: Next Steps in Positive Behaviour Support

12, 13 June 2017, Birmingham - FULL

2, 3 October 2017, London

This event is for people who already have some understanding of positive behaviour support, and who work in services that support people with intellectual disability and autism. Also people who have responsibility for implementing or reviewing behaviour support strategies across services. 

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BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme Induction Workshops 

PITAS Induction Workshops flyer cover image

BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme - Induction Workshops 

20 September 2017, 

These events are suitable for all organisations who train in the use of physical intervention, who are considering whether they wish to apply for accreditation under the BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme.

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