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Wednesday 13 November 2019
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Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support – ‘A good fit’ creating the right conditions

This event has now finished. For further information about this event please contact us at learning@bild.org.uk 

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Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support implemented well both create the right conditions to improve the quality of life experienced by people with learning disabilities and their carers. There is good evidence to show that Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support work well together and can reduce the need for behaviours that concern or that challenge services.

Internationally renowned Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support experts will help delegates explore what Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support actually look like and feel like in practice.

Good leadership and coaching skills are needed to encourage staff to deliver skilled support at the right level for individual people. Conference speakers will explain how to get this right and also how to measure and monitor the outcomes for individuals and services.

Who should attend?

Practitioners, team leaders and personal assistants from health, education and social care who wish to expand their knowledge of Active Support Positive Behaviour Support and explore the potential benefits to the people they support and the service they offer. Families commissioners and inspectors, who want to know what good support looks like.

The programme:

Sandy Toogood

Creating the right conditions and reducing the need for behaviours that concern

Dr Sandy Toogood, Bangor University, Wales

Julie Beadle-Brown

Managing risks: not setting limits

Julie Beadle-Brown, The Tizard Centre, Kent,

Linda Pitt

My life

Linda Pitt, Supported by Andrew Guy, Afron Community Link, Gwynedd Council, Wales

Kathy Lowe

Practice leadership: an essential element

Kathy Lowe, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, Wales

Workshops 1-5:

  1. What do you want to do?
    Our aim is to make and maintain conditions that make behaviours of concern irrelevant. This workshop will enable delegates to identify aspects of the social environment that can be changed to meet aim by using a person centred functional assessment.
    Sandy Toogood,
    Bangor University, Wales 

  2. How can we tell if we have done what we said we would do?
    This innovative workshop will focus on how we measure the impact of Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support on outcomes for the people we support. We will focus on two approaches: systematic data collection and direct observation.
    Kathy Lowe and Edwin Jones, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, Wales

  3. Active Support and interactive training
    This workshop will give people tools and information on how interactive training supports staff to deliver active support in practice.
    Christine Rose,
    Independent Consultant and BILD PBS Consultant, England        

  4. Positive Behaviour Support and restrictive practices: where are we getting stuck and how can we move forward
    This workshop explores where organisations may be having difficulty implementing strategies to reduce the use of restrictive practices.
    Sarah Leitch,
    BILD PBS Development Manager, England

  5. True grit - making Active Support succeed
    Establishing Active Support as a reality in the lives of the people you support means finding organisational determination in the face of a number of challenges. This workshop will explore the common obstacles and what has to be done to overcome them.
    Mandy Tilston-Viney,
    Cartrefi Cymru Cyf, Wales

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