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Monday 20 January 2020
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BILD facilitated Communities of Practice


BILD’s primary role is to improve support for people with complex needs including those with learning disabilities or autism or both who display behaviours that challenge. 

BILD has a track record of providing effective networks and professional learning communities: 


The purpose of BILD networks and professional learning communities is to enable all those involved in supporting people with learning disabilities or autism or both, and complex needs - including professionals and families - to share learning and learn from each other in order to improve the support people receive. 

The primary aim is to have a positive impact on the quality of life for the person and all the people that support them. 


  • Facilitate networking and stimulate collaborative learning and continuous professional development for individuals and organisations 
  • Share knowledge and disseminate international and national practice developments and research – facilitate the turning of  research into practice that improves practice both within the Community of Practice and has a wider influence 
  • Generate new ideas, develop, pilot and evaluate projects, and share existing resources
  • Provide peer to peer support and feedback and a safe and transparent, cross-organisational problem solving forum 
  • Develop a shared understanding of best practice and provide an external quality assurance role that supports the safeguarding of rights 
  • Collect information for research purposes that informs the development of practice across the whole sector and provide a useful forum for external  agencies to test ideas and consult on best practice 
  • Promote multidisciplinary communication and understanding of roles across the different groups that provide support, including families and unpaid carers 
  • Collective influence raises profile of rights of people with learning disabilities or autism or both, and those with complex needs 
  • Improve social capital - a productive and co-operative networks of relationships among people who work in a particular sector to achieved shared social impact goals, enables the sector to function more effectively



community activities table

Member-led groups with a positive learning culture

All BILD facilitated Communities of Practice have clearly defined and articulated:

  • A specific focus / purpose / area of interest, eg learning disabilities, or Positive Behaviour Support 
  • A membership of the community - practitioners with shared passion and common ground 
  • A Charter promoting a positive culture that welcomes different viewpoints and where members feel safe from criticism, to encourage participation and share learning. There is a learning culture that supports people's development at all stages of their career and level of experience and understanding
  • Activities and specific outcomes that are developed and led by the members themselves through consultative processes


Find out more

If you would like to know more, please contact Dean Farmer on 0121 415 6960 or email d.farmer@bild.org.uk