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Saturday 18 January 2020
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Edited by Karen Dodd, Keith Jones, Heather Liddiard and James Stroud

This pack has been developed to provide 
a flexible visual resource that can be used to assess sexual knowledge and capacity to consent, and help to teach and discuss appropriate social and sexual behaviour.

The pack has been revised to reflect the changes since its original development. It has had 36 pictures added to bring it up to date, particularly in relation to the use of technology and social media, and the increase in use of pornography. The capacity assessment form for consent to a sexual relationship has also been revised due to changes in case law in relation to consent to sex.

The pack contains a CD-ROM containing 214 pictures which can be arranged into sequences to form stories. These can represent conventional, unconventional, legal and illegal social and sexual activities. The stories can be created by either the person with learning disabilities or the professional.

The pictures are saved in pdf format. They can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is included on the CD-ROM. There are three pdf files to choose from enabling you to print the pictures in different sizes.

Second edition 

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