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Sunday 23 September 2018
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A guide for purchasers of training, training organisations and trainers

This edition of the Code of Practice is a significant revision that takes into account recent policy and research developments. This revised edition reflects the shift in emphasis to positive behaviour support, minimising the use of restrictive practices and reducing the use of restrictive physical interventions.

The Code is relevant to training providers, individual trainers as well as education, health and social care organisations that purchase training on minimising the use of restrictive practices, including the use of physical skills, for the following:

  • children and adults with a learning disability, including those detained in semi secure and secure settings
  • children and adults with an autistic spectrum condition
  • pupils with special educational needs
  • children and young people with emotional and social difficulties
  • families and family carers, including foster carers and those offering short breaks

The BILD PI Training Accreditation Scheme is based on this Code of Practice.

Fourth edition




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BILD Code of practice - fourth

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