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Friday 19 October 2018
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Breaking through barriers

David Thompson

Breaking through Barriers is the work of David Thompson, a Wolverhampton man who uses his poetry to tell us about his life and the role his love of the English language, his Jamaican heritage and his cerebral palsy have played in what he sees and what he writes.

As David says: "I have been writing poetry and plays for most of my adult life".

"I don’t feel I need to explain what my poems are about, I like to leave it to the reader to read them and decide what they are about for themselves. Many of my poems do though tell the story of my life, and I like telling stories! So what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt is all in there."

"I just hope people will read my work and enjoy my work."

An example of David’s poems:

My Goliath

I am David
Can you hear me?
I’m singing a happy song

I’m trying to strip you naked
Because deep in my head
I know that I am right
And you are wrong

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