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Wednesday 21 November 2018
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Managing continence - Helping people with learning disabilities manage continence

Alice Bradley with Loretto Lambe

Continence is one of those things we seldom think about if we don’t have a problem, but which assumes massive proportions if we do. Incontinence is very much a taboo subject and relatively little has been written about it in relation to people with learning disabilities. This workbook has been produced in partnership with people with learning disabilities to rectify the situation.

By understanding continence better and improving the support available, care staff can help enhance the quality of life for individuals and, where relevant, for their families.

The purpose of this workbook is to supply you with basic information and understanding so that you can:

- recognise when people who use services may be having a problem
- know who you should be referring them to and what you and they can expect of health care professionals
- ensure that they have access to the same quality of treatment as non-disabled people
- become as informed as possible about the continence support needs of the individual concerned and make sure that everything possible is being done for them
- ensure that you are clear about your own responsibility and are discharging it as well as possible

The book is accompanied by an easy-read booklet for people with learning disabilities, Everybody Needs Toilets, and a reader for managers, Supporting Continence Management

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