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Tuesday 20 November 2018
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Life story books for people with learning disabilities: a practical guide

Helen Hewitt

Identity is what makes us unique. People with learning disabilities are often denied the opportunity to consider who they are and how life events affect their identity. This is even more pertinent in the light of current community care where people are faced with many transitions in their lives which can lead to a lack of continuity, and even a loss of identity, if a person’s past experiences are not acknowledged.

A life story book is an account of a person’s life, including stories and memories of past events and relationships - all the kinds of experiences that make us who we are.

In addition to helping the person with learning disabilities, these books also enable others to see beyond the ‘client’ identity and appreciate that each person has a unique life history that sets them apart from other people.

This guide provides easy-to-follow advice for creating life story books. It is aimed at all client groups and levels of ability. It can be used by people with learning disabilities themselves, or by people working with them. The benefits of using life story books makes this guide a valuable resource for all people who are involved in the lives of people with learning disabilities.

"A must-read for all sorts of people, both professional and carers alike."
Lynne Westwood, Working with People who have a Learning Disability

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