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Tuesday 19 March 2019
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BILD books - Communication is a human right

Effective communication is central to providing good support to people with a learning disability and people with autism. BILD has published a number of titles on communication including the campaigning book Communication is a Human Right by Sue Thurman, through to more practical books such as A Practical Guide to Intensive Interaction by Melanie Nind and Dave Hewett.

If you are new to supporting people with a learning disability you will find our book Communicating  Effectively with People with a Learning Disability an excellent introduction to promoting positive communication.

For more information about all of our books on communication click on the link for each book.

Buy online or or call our distributors on 0845 370 0067.

BILD books about communication

  • SWIM cover 415x594 See what I meanBy Nicola Grove. Guidelines to help staff understand what people with severe and profound learning disabilities are communicating, particularly in the context of decision making.
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