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Friday 13 December 2019
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Paula Johnston and Sue Hatton

The book vividly portrays the intense reactions and feelings that Paula experiences in relation to everyday events

Paula Johnston, a woman with Asperger syndrome, shares her unique viewpoint and experiences on everything from world religion to violence, peer pressure and marriage.

But Conversations in Autism moves beyond anecdotes, valuable as they are. This book is a dialogue - a conversation between Paula and Sue Hatton, her supporter and expert practitioner and trainer in autism services.

The insights and experiences that Paula shares, and Sue comments on, help to unlock some of the mystery that surrounds children, young people and adults with an autistic spectrum disorder who do not speak, or who are labelled as having a severe learning disability.

'The commentary provided by Sue Hatton - provides teaching staff and parents with much to consider when making appropriate responses and creating effective interventions to support individuals with an asd.’
Glenys Jones, editor Good Autism Practice Journal


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