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Friday 13 December 2019
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News for the learning disability community from September to December 2012

21 December:  Health inequalities report published  

Health Inequalities & People with Learning Disabilities in the UK: 2012 published, this is the latest latest annual report from the Improving Health and Lives Observatory. More on the IHaL website >

Pembrokeshire safeguarding image
17 December:  Pembrokeshire safeguarding children: Report calls for special measures A council accused of failures in safeguarding children should now be placed in special measures, according to the Welsh schools inspectorate Estyn. Advisors were sent to Pembrokeshire after claims that children were locked in a padded "time-out" room. Last year the Welsh government sent a panel of experts in to oversee the council after serious problems were highlighted in safeguarding children. More >

13 December: 
Regulator moves closer to setting up 'negative register' of adult care staff 
The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has confirmed it will push ahead with proposals to introduce a system of “negative registration” for social care workers in England. More >

11 December:
 In patient care for people with behaviour that challenges
  The Improving Health and Lives Observatory have published a detailed review by Eric Emerson of the special inspection reports of the 72 assessment and treatment units and 39 secure units included in the 145 learning disability services inspected by the Care Quality Commission. Full report from iHAL website >

10 December:  Government publishes final Winterbourne report  Department of Health publishes final Winterbourne report, the Concordat agreement for the way forward, a summary of responses to the report's engagement, and good practice examples.

Download the documents from the Department of Health website >

World Human Rights Day ad

10 December: Protest letter in defence of Human Rights Act
10 December is World Human Rights Day to commemorate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

BILD is one of 70 organisations who have signed a letter to the Prime Minister in defence of the Human Rights Act.  Read the letter and find out more on the British Institute of Human Rights website >

ofstead childrens views on restraint cover

10 December:  Children's view on restraint  In 2004 Ofstead asked children for their views about physical restraint and published a report about this. Children have raised concerns about restraint in consultations they have held about other things since then, so they have carried out a follow-up consultation to check what children now think about restraint. This report gives their views in 2012.

Download the report from the Ofstead website >

7 December:  Fair care – or death by indifference?   Channel 4 News film next week will be highlighting the death of Nicki Rawlinson, aged 26, at Barnet General Hospital in North London, in February.  Her mother Sue told of the fight she had over several months to persuade the hospital that something was wrong with her daughter.  When she died she was barely three stone.  Mencap is helping Sue with her case against the hospital and allege discrimination against a person with a learning disability, failure to act in line with the Mental Capacity Act and poor care.  More >

6 December: Nice place to put children  Article in US news about Facebook coverage of isolation 'cell' used in US school. The isolation booth has been at Mint Valley Elementary School in Longview, Washington for the past four years "because the school hosts a special education program for disabled students with behavioral issues."   More >

29 November:  As well as thousands of others and a range of other organisations, BILD had a great day at Learning Disability Today at Olympia. We met lots of nice people to talk to about our work, and lots of books and information leaflets changed hands, as well as the sweets and chocolates! The prize draw for a £25 BILD book token was won by Mark Gjoni.  Ann Chivers, BILD’s Chief Executive and Tina Cooper, a family carer, lifted the crowd in the Seminar, ‘Reasons to be cheerful: the future of services for people with learning disabilities.'

23 November:  Quality of services provided to people across the health and care sectors in England is beginning to suffer  The Care Quality Commission's warning comes after it looked at data from more than 13,000 inspections.The regulator said staff pressures and the rise in complex cases seen in the ageing population meant everyone from hospitals to care homes was struggling. Overall, one in four services failed at least one of the 16 key standards.  More >

22 November: CQC State of Care report published  The Care Quality Commission have published their annual 'State of Care' report about adult social care in England. Here >

They are also running a consultation on their future work, called 'The Next Phase.'  More here >  

19 November: Minister calls for evidence on good practice Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb has written to directors of social services and PCT chief executives to gather information on good practice to improve the quality of services for people with learning disabilities and their families. The good practice project, led by the National Valuing Families Forum, working with the National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities, will focus on local authorities and will also reflect good practice in integrated working with the NHS. It aims to find out what good looks like and share this with people with learning disabilities, family carers, and other organisations in the new health and care structure to improve the quality of services. More >

9 November: Good Autism Practice conference
Speaker Dean Beadle and delegates at BILD's Good Autism Practice Conference in Manchester. Dean spoke on 'My life to date - what's helped', and it's fair to say, he went down a bomb. A very successful event.

9 November:  Are you listening?  Lots of people came together to an event co-hosted by ARC and BILD to look at the current support for people with learning disabilities from ethnic minority communities and their families and to plan for the future.

8 November: 
SEN and Disability Pathfinders extended
Minister Edward Timpson, giving evidence to the Education Select Committee on the proposed SEN and disability reform, announces extension of the SEN and Disability Pathfinders for 18 months to September 2014. Also assured that families' current protections under the existing statementing system will be carried through to the next system. This includes the right to request an assessment, which within the provisions will be extended to GPs. More on the Council for Disabled Children website >

6 November: 
People with learning disabilities have a high chance of dying prematurely  People with learning disabilities have a high chance of dying prematurely, interim figures from a major government survey suggest - and critics claim hospitals are unable to respond to learning disabled patients' needs. File on 4, BBC Radio 4 tonight 8pm and again on Sunday at 5pm. More >

Programmehighlights interim report of the Confidential Inquiry into the premature deaths of people with learning disabilities, about which more here >

5 November:  First Councillor with Down's Syndrome?  Cllr Stephen Green, 47, previously made the headlines for learning to read music and performing his first piano recital. Last week he was elected as member of Nuthall Parish Council in Nottinghamshire. It was the second time Stephen had stood for election to the council after narrowly getting beaten in an election eight years ago. More >

1 November:  Social Care Association closes 
The Social Care Association (SCA) has gone into liquidation and closed with the loss of six jobs. Chief executive Nick Johnson said the professional association for care staff, which was formed in 1949, had run out ofmoney to continue operations due to dwindling income from consultancy and training services. Johnson pointed out that the SCA had not received any government funding, even though social care staff who are not social workers account for 92% of the total social services workforce. More >

30 October:  Care home owners 'must be held to account'  Norman Lamb, Care Services Minister answers Urgent Question re Panorama and Winterbourne View in the House of Commons at 12.30 today: "The owners at a corporate level of these organisations must be held to account for things that go on in their homes." "Mr Lamb will deliver a final report on the steps the Government plans for the sector at the end of November." "Part of the Government's response was ensuring a "substantial reduction" in the number of patients with behavioural difficulties being admitted to hospitals." More >

30 October:  Winterbourne View lessons: using restraint 

Article by BILD's Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme Manager, Phil Howell on 'Winterbourne View lessons: using restraint', published by Community Care >

30 October: 
BBC Panorama: Winterbourne View - the hospital that stopped caring  Missed Panorama last night? Watch it on the BBC iPlayer >

29 October: BBC Panorama: Winterbourne View - the hospital that stopped caring  The BBC broadcast another Panorama programme about the implications of Winterbourne View. 'A year after Panorama exposed the violent abuse patients suffered at the Winterbourne View hospital, Alison Holt investigates if society's most vulnerable are any better protected.' More >

29 October: Winterbourne View scandal: Call for new care home neglect law The Winterbourne View scandal has shown the need for a new offence of “corporate wilful neglect” to prosecute care home-owners for allowing abuse to go on behind closed doors, the former care minister has said. Paul Burstow, who until the recent reshuffle was minister of state for care services, said companies should be brought to book alongside the staff committing the abuse. More >

Simone Blake, who was seen being abused in the first Panorama programme, has since been made subject to a safeguarding alert - with four staff members suspended - at the NHS hospital she was moved to after leaving Winterbourne View. More >

26 October:
  Winterbourne View defendants sentenced at Bristol Crown Court
  Care workers who admitted a total of 38 charges of neglect or abusing patients at a private hospital are sentenced at Bristol Crown Court. The 11 workers from Winterbourne View near Bristol were shown pinning down and hitting patients, in a BBC Panorama undercover report shown last year. Ringleader Wayne Rogers, 32, who admitted nine counts of ill-treating patients, was jailed for two years.  More >

26 October:  Lamb scraps 100% personal budgets target 

The government has scrapped its target for councils to move all service users in the community on to personal budgets by April 2013, care minister Norman Lamb has announced. Lamb said he had agreed a new target of having 70% of users on personal budgets by the same date, following talks with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services. Lamb said personal budgets were not suitable for everyone, but stressed that the 70% target was a staging post and should not be seen as a ceiling. More >

25 October:  Winterbourne View: Medication was forced on patients  Three care workers at a private hospital exposed by BBC Panorama abusing patients were filmed forcing medication into a patient's mouth, a sentencing hearing was told. More >

24 October: 
Has Castlebeck really been transformed since the Winterbourne View scandal?
  Article in Guardian about Castlebeck's attempts to radically change their services for people with learning disabilities in their care post-Winterbourne. Mentions BILD's role in supporting these changes. More >

23 October: Winterbourne View care home staff face cruelty sentences
  Staff at a care home exposed by an undercover television investigation used restraint techniques to inflict pain, humiliate vulnerable patients and bully them into compliance, a court heard yesterday. Report on first day of Winterbourne View sentencing, expected to last up to three days. More >

23 October:
Earlier Winterbourne View abuse investigated in BBC programme  BBC Inside Out West programme shown last night, now available for 6 days on the iPlayer. Investigates abuse at Winterbourne before the BBC Panorama programme filmed there last year. More about this >   Watch on iPlayer >

Update: Police now decide to investigate case highlighted in this programme. More >

22 October :  Positive solutions in practice - Finding alternatives to restrictive interventions 
A very useful document which outlines alternatives to restrictive interventions used in Victoria, AustraliaDownload >

19 October: 
Second Panorama on Winterbourne View
BBC Panorama programme 29 October: "Winterbourne View - the hospital that stopped caring", will be a follow up on Winterbourne View, following sentencing next week and with the DoH report likely to come out very shortly after.

19 October:
Whistleblower Blog

Terry Bryan, Whistleblower at Winterbourne View has written a blog about his experiences. More >

18 October:  Sentencing of Winterbourne View defendants to take place next week The Recorder of Bristol, Judge Neil Ford QC, will take three days to decide each of the 11 defendants' punishment at Bristol Crown Court starting on October 22. During the three days, footage will be shown that was collected by the undercover reporter on the Panorama show which started the police investigation, in order to help the judge establish each defendant's role.  More >

15 October:  Guide to help parents of children with learning disabilities and autism online launched
Learning Disabilities, Autism and Internet Safety: A Parent’s Guide , a collaboration between charities Cerebra, Mencap and Ambitious about Autism, also outlines what action can be taken if their child does suffer from such things as cyber bullying, and suggests resources that can help children to get the most out of the internet at home and in the community. More >

15 October: 
Speaking Up Charter launched.  Twenty-eight organisations - including CQC - have signed up to show a commitment to work together to support people who raise concerns in the public interest, recognising their responsibilities for key aspects of the provision and regulation of care, or for supporting members to provide high quality, safe care. More >

12 October:
Police arrest six on suspicion of abusing or neglecting residents of a nursing home. 
The arrests follow a five-month investigation into alleged abuse of residents with dementia in the challenging behaviour unit at Hillcroft Nursing Homes - Throstle Grove, a 36-bed nursing home in Lancaster run by Hillcorth (Carnforth) Ltd. The six have been arrested on suspicion of ill-treating or wilfully neglecting people under section 44 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 - which applies to offences against people who lack capacity by those responsible for their care. More >

9 October:  Regulation of social care managers?
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt moots regulation of social care managers in Tory Party conference speech. "You wouldn't expect to keep your job if you lost control of your finances. Well don't expect to keep it if you lose control of your care."  More in Community Care >

5 October:  National Learning Disability and Autism Awards  BILD Conference also sees an announcement of the National Learning Disability and Autism Awards by BILD and the Great British Care Awards. The awards are supported by the Department of Health, The National Skills Academy and Skills for Care.

5 October: BILD Conference 2012
BILD Conference 2012 'Tough times call for Innovation and Imagination' highlighted the imaginative and innovative ways of working and giving support that lots of people and organisations are using to respond to the challenge of these times.

Keynote speakers from the Alan Rosenbach from the CQC and Bruce Calderwood from the Department of Health updated delegates on the post-Winterbourne review of learning disability hospitals and the actions to take place now.

Then Duncan Mitchell from Manchester Metropolitan University, Jim Blair, Consultant Nurse Learning Disabilities from St George's hospital and Hayley Goleniowska author of the blog www.downssideup.com told important stories, raised the key issues and captured the delegates' imagination.

A recurring theme was that small changes that don't cost much can have significant impacts on the lives of people with learning disabilities.

Then through a range of workshops, learning cafes and an ideas marketplace, a range of other organisations were able to showcase their own imaginative and innovative work.

We wanted those attending to leave inspired, we think they did.

29 September: Are you listening?
A meeting has been called to examine the current situation in relation to support for people with learning disabilities from ethnic minority communities and their families and to plan for the future. More >

27 September: Councils get Safeguarding responsibilities
Councils will get over £5m a year to assume responsibility for safeguarding people deprived of their liberty in hospitals from next April, a significant increase on the funding levels initially proposed Govt announced today.

Also from April 2013, councils will become the "supervisory body" for deprivation of liberty safeguards (Dols) cases in hospitals. More in Community Care >

Apologies: A technical breakdown means that all news items between 1 July and 26 September have been lost.

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