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Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Successful participants on a PBS Coaches Programme with their CAPBS Active Support trainer. 

CAPBS Active Support training

Active Support is a person centred approach that focuses on ensuring that people with learning disabilities are engaged and participating in all areas of their lives, both at home and in the community.   

There are strong links between Active Support and Positive Behaviour Support as there is evidence that people are less likely to display behaviour that challenges if they are actively participating in the activities that make up their daily lives, rather than watching as staff undertake them. 

BILD workplace training in Active Support enables staff to learn the skills to give the right support to people to engage in all or part of meaningful activities or interactions 

Research shows that Practice Leadership – coaching by line managers, demonstration of good practice, observation and feedback - is the most effective way of implementing Active Support in a service.  The BILD programme below is designed to reflect this. 


We provide the following Active Support programmes:

Stage 1 - Active Support Presentation

A half day programme for senior managers, directors and leaders within an organisation enabling them to understand what Active Support is, and find out ways of implementing it within their organisation.

Stage 2 - Introduction to Active Support

A one day programme for support workers and managers within a service looking at what Active Support is, and how it can be used in their service to increase the individual’s participation and engagement in their daily life.

Stage 3 - Theory of Interactive Training

For managers and team leaders who have completed ‘Introduction to Active Support’, this programme helps them understand the theory behind Active Support and Interactive Training so they have the background knowledge to help them to coach their staff team in Active Support.

Stage 4 - Interactive Coaching

This programme, delivered within the service, supports managers to put theory into practice as they support their own staff to deliver Active Support.


These programmes can be adapted to meet the specific needs of staff in your organisation, contact us to discuss what you are looking for and how we can help provide that for you. 

"The training was really enjoyable, and the trainer was really good. It was great to have ‘different’ training that doesn’t send you to sleep. It raised a lot of instances where we recognised that our support workers, out of their own fears, could discourage someone from doing things.  It really opened our eyes to lots of things."

New Directions (Rugby) 

Certified for your Continuous Professional Development

This training has been CPD Certified. Attendance will allow you to gain CPD points towards your Continuous Professional Development requirements.


Find out more

To book this training or to discuss how it can be adapted for your needs, please contact Jackie Pountney or Emma Loft on 0121 415 6970, or email: capbs@bild.org.uk 

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