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Monday 20 January 2020
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Autism friendly Behaviour Support Plans

To understand someone’s behaviour we need to understand the person and the environment or context in which they live their life. People with autism can face particular challenges from the environment and what goes on around them.

This event will help you to pull together a range of information about the person, their behaviour and the environment they operate in and use it to produce an action plan to improve the person’s quality of life and reduce the need for them to use behaviours of concern. 

Having gained a good understanding of what may be affecting the person’s behaviour, Positive Behaviour Support involves using this understanding to improve the person’s quality of life. We need to look at how to create autism friendly environments and ways of working, as well as how to make reasonable adjustments for people with autism, as these will significantly affect the person’s quality of life. 

We also need to remember that quality of life is subjective; we’re all very different and remembering this may be especially important when considering people with autism. When working to improve the quality of life for someone with autism we need to consider what makes a good quality of life for someone with autism, from their perspective and not our own. 

Learning Outcomes 

On this course delegates will gain skills and knowledge that will help them to:

  • Compile a range of information about a person they work with including their personality, strengths and positive qualities
  • Consider the person’s important life events, communication, rituals, skills, preferences and factors affecting their overall wellbeing
  • Identify the person’s behaviours of concern and established the extent to which these behaviours show positive functional, negative functional and/or disinhibitory characteristics
  • Consider the impact of lack of social engagement, lack of wellbeing, poor person-environment fit and the person’s autism on their behaviour
  • Produce an action plan for improving the person’s wellbeing, support, environmental fit and overall quality of life
  • Delegates need to have a good existing understanding of autism and of the principles and characteristics of Positive Behaviour Support.


Who should attend?

This is a practical course for anyone who provides direct support for people with autism who may sometimes have behaviours that are concerning, specifically paid or unpaid carers and managers of services, especially those who are involved in planning people’s support.

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Find out more 

To book this training or to discuss how it can be adapted for your needs, please contact us on 0121 415 6970, or email pbsenquiries@bild.org.uk 

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