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Thursday 19 July 2018
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BILD's Positive Behaviour Support Mission

The Mission's intention is to make commitments addressing the following issues and concerns in our work on positive behaviour support:

  1. Make sure that all people with learning disabilities can exercise their human rights and be valued members of their local communities

  2. Focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups including; People with complex needs; People from black, minority and ethnic communities; people with autism; offenders and those in the judicial system.

  3. Work in partnership with families, carers, friends and the key individuals in people’s lives.

  4. Ensure that people’s individual communication needs are positively addressed.

  5. Develop an evidence base for practice.

  6. Develop a framework of good practice guidance that focuses on positive behaviour support and person-centred planning.

  7. Identify, disseminate and promote good practice in reducing the use of restrictive practices and the implementation of positive behaviour support.

  8. Educate all stakeholders that the use of restrictive practices is potentially dangerous.

  9. Eliminate the use of unnecessary restrictive and aversive practice.

  10. Ensure appropriate training and learning opportunities are available for all staff and supporters.

If you would like to show your support for BILD's Positive Behaviour Support Mission, please send your details to signup@bild.org.uk


Those who have signed up to the Mission are:


  • Pete Walsh, Ability West

  • Jim Ridley

  • Jacqui Barr, CHOICE

  • Amanda Mills, Salisbury Support Services

  • The Avenues Trust Group

  • Donna Gillespie, European Lifestyles

  • Linfield Group

  • Network Supported Living Service

  • Greenacre School, Barnsley

  • Spire: Preston Supported Housing

  • A Life Explored (Care) Ltd

  • Jamie Emberson

  • Effective Training and Consultancy Limited

  • Lucy Binney, Community Learning Disability Nurse

  • Stephen Simpson, Community Learning Disability Nurse

  • Becky Blamey, Cartrefi Cymru

  • Dr David Bladon-Wing, Community Therapeutic Services

  • Tony Vallis, Cartref Homes UK

  • Margaret Leadbeater, DISC

  • Hft

  • Charlton School, London SE7
  • Kingsley Healthcare
  • Jill Middleton, Educare Services

  • Hazel Campbell
  • Victoria (Tor) Townsend

  • Liz Corbel

  • Ross Coward, Cartrefi Cymru

  • Lorna and Steve Jones, SPACE Training
  • Claire Curtis, Centre 404
  • Antonia East
  • Kirsten Hart
  • Positive Behaviour Support Team, States of Jersey Health and Social Services
  • Paul Taylor, Lindon Bennett School, Hounslow
  • Matthew Parkin, Millennium Care Services
  • Iceni Care Limited

  • Luke Fowkes-Goodwin

  • St George Healthcare Group

  • NAPPI uk
  • Creative Support
  • JRH Support
  • Dr Kelly Popplestone, Valuing Independence Ltd
  • Casa Support
  • Jeanette Griffiths
  • Terry Rocks
  • Branching Out, Ely, Cambridgeshire
  • Hillcrest Dorset Supported Living Service 
  • Anna Gillions, Bethphage
  • Ali Aikman, Supported Living Services, Edinburgh
  • Anne Lawn, Optalis
  • Loddon Training & Consultancy, The Loddon School
  • Sahara Homes Limited
  • Accedo Group Ltd
  • Maxine Free
  • Donna Vanstone
  • Ian Fitzpatrick
  • Louise Bennett, Options Training 
  • CareinStyle
  • Accord Group
  • Dr Jason Crabtree
  • Sarah Leitch
  • Andrew Madel 
  • Bexley Learning Disability Team, Sidcup

  • Michelle Hunter

  • Stef Kay, Bethphage 

  • Heather Simpson, Kingdom Housing Association

  • Mayfield Adult Services

  • Brenda Crossley

  • Helen Stone

  • John White

  • Barry Davey

  • Claire Reynolds

  • Laura Higgins

  • David Walker

  • Darren Evans

  • Catherine Cookson

  • Elizabeth Richardson

  • Lynn Macdonald

  • Jacquie Knott

  • Mike Richardson

  • Jeff Marsh

  • Ian Naylor, Southdown Housing Association

  • Positive Behaviour Support Service, The Regard Partnership

  • Luke Watts


  • The Westminster Society

  • Marc Dee’Ath

  • Vanessa Nicholls

  • Amanda Styles

  • Future Directions CIC

  • Faraza Anderson

  • Mark Cornell

  • Step-a-Side Care

  • Sequence Care Group

  • Samantha Leck             

  • Consensus Support

  • Alex Cookson, Mersey Care NHS Trust 

  • Catherine Kingham

  • Maria McAllister-Rees

  • Michelle Mould, M S IMPACT

  • Dr Paul Holland

  • Dr Karen Stevenson

  • Solutions Social Care

  • Lorna Jones and Steve Jones, Space Training

  • Mandy Henshaw, Catalyst Choices Community Interest Company

  • Sue Vallance, Supported Living, Countywide

  • Jemini Response

  • Nicola Bullock

  • Teena Binns

  • Supporting Independence Ltd

  • David Newman 

  • Brian McDonald, Ability West

  • Heritage Care Limited

  • Learning Disability Consultancy Ltd

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