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Monday 20 January 2020
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PBS Cardiff 2012

9 - 11 May 2012 - Cardiff

BILD's 2012 International Research and Practice Conference was a research symposium and two day event  which brought together the best evidence for practice in positive behaviour support from the UK and international perspectives.

The conference helped bridge the gap between academic research and practice and helped support organisations to define and deliver good practice in positive behaviour support. It will bring together researchers and practitioners with an interest both in the evidence base of the impact of positive behaviour support, and in its practical application.

eric emerson at pbs conference

The Positive Behaviour Support Research Symposium

The first day of the conference began with the Symposium, those presenting their research were:

Keith McVilley of Deakin University in Australia presented research on: What impact does transformational leadership play in raising staff stress and therefore increasing likelihood of restrictive intervention?

This was followed by Edwin Jones of the University of Glamorgan who commented that, "strategies are important, none of them in themselves appear to be enough but PBS is achieving measurable results" in presenting 'Assessing the effectiveness of positive behavioural support: The P-CPO Project'.

The final research presentation was by Eric Emerson of the University of Lancaster (pictured, above) about the association between factors of poverty and the probability of behavioural difficulties in children with intellectual difficulties.

The Symposium was fascinating and well received by delegates.

Dan Crimmins

Conference day 1: Morning

Started with a welcome from the Chair, Sandy Toogood of Bangor University, who said hat  "we've come a long way but there's more to do and we've got to accept that we'll have to work hard to make small gains".

Dan Crimmins of the Center for Leadership in Disability, Georgia State University, USA, (pictured above), began the conference proper with a presentation about 'Our next challenge: getting positive supports to all the people who can use them'.

Edwin Jones of the University of Glamorgan
gave a presentation on 'Positive behaviour support in Wales: notes from a small country' reporting on how measurable improvements have been found in a post-institution community service with a specialist PBS support team.

Keith McVilley

Conference day 1: Afternoon

The afternoon began with a set of workshops covering a wide range of positive behaviour support approaches, including 'Salford’s Coming Home Process Model: The development of a model to bring individuals with a learning disability and complex needs back to their home area', and 'A cultural shift toward developing personalised behaviour support for individuals with autistic spectrum disorder'.

Keith McVilley of Deakin University in Australia
(pictured, left) gave a keynote presentation on 'Planning for quality and quality planning – reflections on research and practice in positive behaviour support plan development and review'.

A busy day ends with a brilliant drama presentation from Theatr Fforum Cymru about respect and the kind of support that recognises the person at the centre.

The evening's Conference Dinner saw the presentations for the 2012 BILD PBS Leadership Awards, more on the winners here >

Anton Dosen

Conference day 2 : Morning

Begins with Anton Dosen of Radboult University in the Netherlands speaking on 'Guidelines for treatment of problematic behaviour from the European Association in Mental Health and Intellectual Disability'.

It continues with Alick Bush of the Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, who gave a keynote presentation on 'Positive Behaviour Support - do we know what support teams should be doing? ' which, focussing on the role of specialist teams within local communities, brought in a lot of the issues raised by the post-Winterbourne View review.

This was followed by a set of workshops on a range of positive behaviour support subjects, from 'Applying the principle of the 'least restrictive alternative', to 'Reducing restraint in children's services by listening to children and young people'.

Conference day 2: Afternoon

The final session saw an inspiring key note presentation by Bill Rogers from the Bill Rogers Educational Consultancy of Australia on 'Discipline with dignity: Supporting students with behaviour needs in mainstream schools'.

A lot of the delegates could certainly relate to the examples and classroom situations he used to illustrate his presentation.

A final goodbye from Sharon Paley and Ann Chivers, BILD's Chief Executive, and a lot of stimulated, thought-provoked and well-networked delegates began the journey home.

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This event was CPD Certified. Attendance allowed delegates to gain CPD points towards their Continuous Professional Development.


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