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Wednesday 29 March 2017
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pbs awards 2016
Above right, delegates give a standing ovation to Beth Morrison.

An evening to celebrate the best in positive behaviour support

The BILD PBS Leadership Awards recognise good practice and contributions to the development of positive behaviour support practice and aim to raise practice by recognising work of quality and quality of contribution over time. 

Thursday 5 May in Liverpool saw this year's BILD PBS leadership awards dinner, an important part of BILD's annual PBS Research and Practice Conference, and a celebration of the best in positive behaviour practice both in the UK and internationally.

Those Commended, Highly Commended, and the Award Winners for 2016 were:

Category 1:

Innovative practice in supporting people with intellectual disabilities through positive behaviour support

Oak at Living Ambitions

Highly Commended: 

Sarah Allan, Eleanor Murphy and Angela Clelland from ‘Oak’ at Living Ambitions

"8 service users had spent nearly all their lives in a locked ward of a long stay hospital, many were in middle age when they moved to this smaller unit. Physical intervention was reportedly used often and seclusion and injury to service users and staff were commonplace.

Now, the same group of people go into their local community daily, go on holiday every year, go shopping and eat out, and rarely need physical help to manage their behaviours - Could they be the same people? 

Much of the credit should go to team who provided the range of supports needed – with very detailed and accessible bespoke Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) plans for each service user at their heart – for this group. By their dedication, involvement, professional approach and their sheer love of the job they have helped transform the lives of 8 individuals with a learning disability." 

Pictured above presenting the award are Peter Baker, editor of the International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support and, on the right, Ben Higgins, BILD Chief Executive

Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust


Ian Aisbitt, Elizabeth Summers, Dr Thomas Selmes, Pamela Ridings, Alastair Jeeves, Paul Witts  of the Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

"This work is example of how a Positive Behaviour Support approach helped transform the quality of life, wellbeing and reputation of Mary (not her real name) a young woman with a learning disability and autism, who was severely traumatised by failed transitions processes 

Elizabeth and the staff team have helped to transform Mary’s life and enabled her to move from a medium secure forensic setting into a bespoke service in the local community. Significant improvements in quality of life have been achieved alongside life changing reductions in restrictive practice - including zero rates of seclusion - following her move."

Category 2

Innovative practice in Positive Behaviour Support, involving service users

Karen Carley and Jenny Hamilton of Turning Point, Kent


Karen Carley and Jenny Hamilton of Turning Point, Kent 

"Since taking over the service in 2013, the team at Rohan in Kent have implemented significant changes in the way that they support two individuals with challenging behaviours. 

Key drivers in the changes included:

The cessation of physical intervention and seclusion as standard practice - Since December 2014, there has been no use of physical intervention for either men and both seclusion suites have become redundant.

Taking a proactive approach to challenging behaviour, and adopting a person centred and inclusive approach

The plans for two individuals being supported now include discharge from Section 3, into the community. Best Interests Decisions are ongoing and appropriate settings are being developed in the months to come. Most importantly, the two individuals are included in the decisions that affect them."

The award was collected for Karen and Jenny. Pictured above presenting the award are Sandy Toogood of Bangor University and a BILD Trustee, and Ben Higgins, BILD Chief Executive. 

Category 3

Outstanding practice in Positive Behaviour Support

Hft Bradford, St Anne’s Community Services, Area 2 Day Services, Bradford


Rosie Hawley - Training facilitator for Hft Bradford, John Daley - PBS Trainer for St Anne’s Community Services, Leeds and all the staff in Area 2 Day Services in Bradford.

"All staff in this area receive person centred active support training as well as PBS training, and are subject to an assessment of competence by a qualified observer. Uniting the concepts of both proactive and reactive strategies, as well as the commitment of the staff after overcoming some initial scepticism, has led to a significant decrease in behaviours of concern for some. When a person they support is experiencing crisis, a bespoke support and consultation package aimed at the specific needs of that person and the staff teams working with them, can be quickly delivered.

The people they support now have far greater opportunities and are participant rather than just present in their local communities, as staff are far more confident in supporting people in ways that are meaningful to the individuals they support."

Belinda Bradley MacIntyre


Belinda Bradley of MacIntyre

"From CAPBS Coach to organisational change in one year. Belinda was on the first ever CAPBS Coaches Programme course and, as they do on the course, at the end presented her proposed plan for taking PBS into her organisation. It was the largest and most detailed plan ever presented on the Programme.

One year later, Belinda has led a major programme of adoption of PBS with MacIntyre. They now have 40 CAPBS-trained PBS Coaches, and a PBS strategy and delivery plan for the whole organisation that is well underway."

Pictured above presenting the award to Belinda are, right, Sarah Leitch, Development Manager for the Centre for the Advancement of PBS, and, left, Ben Higgins.

Special Award for Outstanding Achievement

Beth Morrison receiving PBS Leadership Award

Awarded to: Beth Morrison

"Aware of the serious deficiencies in Scottish Government guidance, in part as a consequence of her experience with her son, Beth Morrison, a mum from Dundee decided to do something about it. 

She organized a petition to Scottish government that garnered thousands of signatures, canvased support from interested organisations, created a groundswell of support and ultimately won a commitment from Scottish Government that they would develop more detailed guidance around the use of restrictive interventions covering the needs of children with complex learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions. 

The fight Beth has embarked upon with the support of many others is not over. Consultation on the draft guidance is still ongoing and alternative approaches including campaigning for legislation may yet  need to be explored. 

Beth’s energy and perseverance have however served to draw the attention of Scotland’s politician to the needs of a group of very vulnerable children for much better protection.

Scotland’s vulnerable children will, ultimately, be safer as a result."

Pictured above presenting the award to Beth are, left, Ben Higgins BILD Chief Executive and Sharon Paley from the Department for Communities and Disability Services, Queensland.

After receiving the award, Beth Morrison told us what this meant to her:

“For far too long, official policy and practice relating to the care of children with disabilities in schools has been dictated by people with no appropriate expertise in disability, no understanding of current ways of thinking, and no awareness of the evidence base behind them. This has led to an emphasis on control and management cultures which hurt children and make the lives of pupils, teachers, and carers alike more difficult than necessary. 

With the help of BILD and many other supporters, I am trying to change this to ensure that more appropriate measures, such as PBS, are introduced to schools, and that disabled children’s human rights are monitored and upheld. 

There have been many barriers to getting this far in the campaign. Occasionally, these barriers have led me to doubt whether I had the strength to maintain the fight. Support from bodies such as children’s and disability charities and the UNCRC, and individuals such as local and national politicians have helped sustain me, and a very special few individuals in particular from within those supporters have kept my spirits up.  With that support, I have managed to overcome any doubts about seeing this campaign through to the end. 

The love and support I received from the delegates following my presentation, as well as the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of PBS that I witnessed from all over the world at the conference last week has provided me with a major boost and added vigour. I am truly grateful for, and humbled by, the recognition from BILD in the form of the Special Award for Outstanding Achievement.”

Beth has also asked us to share the following information:

Petition details available from: www.scottish.parliament.uk/GettingInvolved/Petitions/PE01548

A video of the Scottish Parliamentary Petitions Committee Session where the petition was discussed available from:


(FAST FORWARD to 53 minutes for our petition)

Calums video: https://vimeo.com/156383001

Communication Passport template available from: www.mycommpass.com 

Beth Morrison's e-mail: calumsmummy@yahoo.com


PBS Leadership Awards 2017 logo

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BILD PBS Awards 2017  

The BILD PBS Leadership Awards recognise good practice and contributions to the development of positive behaviour support practice and aim to raise practice by recognising work of quality and quality of contribution over time. 

Presented during the annual BILD PBS Conference, they are an important part of BILD's annual PBS Research and Practice Conference, and a celebration of the best in positive behaviour practice, both in the UK and internationally.

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