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Tuesday 23 April 2019
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Money Skills videos

These videos are part of the Barclays Money Skills resources for people with a learning disability, a project managed by BILD for Barclays Money Skills.

The people in the films are from Somerset Advocacy and Our Way Self Advocacy and the film was made by Webenable.

The films are part of a package of resources, 'Banking made clear', to support people with learning disabiltilities to manage their money, use bank accounts and keep safe when doing so.

To make the video player bigger, click on the four arrow graphic in the bottom right hand corner. To return to normal size, press the 'esc' button on your keyboard. 


Money Skills film 1: What is a bank account?

Money Skills Film 2: Making the appointment


Money Skills Film 3: Opening a Bank Account


Money Skills Film 4: Paying money into your account


Money Skills film 5: Taking money out of your account


Money Skills Film 6: Keeping track of your money




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