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Friday 17 January 2020
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Money Skills support to people with learning disabilities

Money Skills Cashback
"Would you like cashback?" We all need to be able to manage our money and understand the ways we can use it.

The Project

BILD was commissioned by Barclays to develop accessible information and resources to support people with learning disabilities as part of the Barclay’s Money Skills programme.

The Context

There is an increasing number of people with learning disabilities wanting to access ordinary community services and supports, including managing their money and personal finances. In addition, increasing numbers are using or being supported to use personal and individual budgets to buy their own supports and services.

The Government has shown a desire for breaking the barriers to financial inclusion and to promote financial capability for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in society as part of the Big Society agenda.


Challenges in developing accessible information for people with learning disabilities

  • The learning disability population is very broad ranging from individuals who require little or no support in their everyday life to individuals with profound and multiple disabilities who require considerable support on a daily basis.

  • Many people with learning disabilities are not able to read and those who can, require information presented in simple English or Easyread.

  • Understanding and addressing the communication needs for individuals is very difficult.  Many individuals do not communicate with words but are able to use body language, facial expressions, pointing or communication aids. Other individuals may give the impression that they fully understand information when they are really unsure.

  • Retaining information can be difficult which means that repeated learning opportunities may be required.


Addressing these challenges

  • The Department of Health has issued “Making written information easier to understand for people with learning disabilities” (November 2010) and this emphasises:

"Across public services there has been recognition and increased demand that people with learning disabilities should be able to access information. People with learning disabilities need to be able to understand information if they are to have more choice and control over their own lives and to become more active and equal citizens”.

What we did

In developing the resources, we ensured that;

  • We found out from people with learning disabilities, family carers and support staff what information is needed.

  • We worked directly with the members of  Our Way Self Advocacy in Kidderminster, Somerset Advocacy and Options for Life in Sandwell to identify their personal experiences and what support would be helpful.

  • We asked time4people ( a Worcestershire family led organisation) to find out the personal experiences of parents/carers in supporting their family members to manage their own money.

  • We asked BILD members to identify the key issues in their experience.

  • We developed accessible written materials that are linked to a DVD, recognising that this is a medium that works well for people with learning disabilities.


The Resources

The project's work has resulted in: 

Banking Made Clear cover 10.2016
Banking made clearer - Quick Guide 
This resource is a quick reference guide in easy read for people with learning disabilities wishing to undertake a variety of financial transactions. 

The quick guide gives step by step instructions on topics such as ‘how do I set up a direct debit or standing order?’ and ‘how do I pay money into my account?’ 

Download the Banking made clear Quick Guide

BMS resource pack for people with learning disabilities cover
Banking made clear - Resource Pack

This toolkit contains four activities to help volunteers, support workers, tutors, and other practitioners who work with people with learning disabilities to put together and run successful money management sessions.

The topics covered are ‘using an ATM’, ‘understanding how to budget’, ‘how to choose a bank that is right for you’ and ‘keeping your money safe’. The activities are fun and informative, and can be used with a range of abilities and different sized groups.

Download the Resource Pack 

The Videos

There are a set of videos to support these resources. Each video explains a part of the services banks provide. Find out more about the videos here.

In partnership with:

Barclays Money Skills
All of these materials are also available to download from the Barclays Money Skills website.

If you would like to ask for a copy of the pack be sent to you, please email ukcommunity@barclays.com