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Saturday 16 November 2019
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Involve Me

Involve Me is about ways of involving people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) in decisions about things which affect their lives.

Involve Me project was supported by the Renton Foundation and run by Mencap in partnership with BILD. The first stage of the project was the learning that went into developing the materials. The launch of the Involve Me materials took place in September 2011.

The next stage of the project will be ensuring the right people get to hear about the materials, use them, and help us develop more creative ideas about how to involve people with PMLD in decisions about things that affect their lives.

To do this we have created an Involve Me website where information will be constantly updated and where people can share ideas and experiences. We also intend to take the Involve Me message out and about to events and through training.


Why was the Involve Me project needed?

People with PMLD are some of the most excluded people in society.

Most people with PMLD don't use formal communication like words and symbols. This makes communication very difficult and can mean people with PMLD are not involved in important decisions, such as where to live.

The project set out to look at different ways of working with people who often get left out because we find it difficult to understand their communication or worry about ‘getting it wrong’.

Involve Me looked at ways to use what we learn from people to involve them in different types of decision-making:

  • everyday life and regular daily choices

  • their own support and services

  • community involvement with day services, house meetings or their local area

  • national policy and planning for people with PMLD.

People with PMLD and staff took part by learning about and using different approaches to communication: sharing stories, creative communication, peer advocacy and multimedia advocacy.


Evaluation of Involve Me

An independent evaluation of the project was carried out by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities.

You can download a copy of the evaluation document.


What are the Involve Me materials?

The Involve Me materials consist of:

  • a short booklet, which gives you a summary of the project, the eight key Involve Me messages and what’s on the Involve Me DVD.

Download a copy of the booklet.

  • the Practical Guide, an interactive DVD with lots of information and resources, including video clips, a photo gallery, downloadable/printable resources and the Involve Me film. There is also a PDF version of the guide to download and print.

Download the Practical Guide as a PDF document.

The guide shows how staff at four sites used different creative approaches to involvement. It also demonstrates how everyone, including staff, families and policy-makers, can start involving people with PMLD in decision-making and consultation.

The Practical Guide on the DVD has more information and materials to download and has many video clips showing examples of good practice. To order the Involve Me practical guide on DVD contact:

The Involve Me team
Email: involveme@mencap.org.uk
Telephone: 0207 696 5593


You can also read this article about the project that appeared in PMLD Link, Summer 2011.


For more information

There will be regular updates posted on the Involve Me website.



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