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Thursday 13 December 2018
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Giving us a Voice/Are you listening?

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Are you listening?

'Are You Listening' Event – Department of Health
9 November 2012

At this event over 30 delegates including people who use services, family carers, academics and representatives from the statutory and voluntary sectors met together to discuss what works well to improve services for people with learning disabilities from black and ethnic minority communities. It  was a follow-up meeting to the National Charter for Inclusion produced as a result of the Giving Us A Voice project.

Visit the website for more details: www.givingusavoice.org.uk

The meeting put together a list of key points that they would like to see implemented. It is hoped to discuss this list with representatives from the Department of Health in the near future.

  • Provide information about services to BME communities
  • Provide a national contact point/resource base for resources and information to provide access to the wealth of guidance about good practice
  • Develop levers to encourage each local area to use the revised Framework for Action to better identify and support people with learning disabilities from BME communities
  • Relaunch the National Charter for Inclusion to encourage an increase in the number of organisations and individuals who sign up and commit to improving practice
  • Lobby for a National Champion for people with learning disabilities from BME communities to provide impetus to deliver policy and good practice and hold authorities to account
  • Lobby for Local Champions for people with a learning disability from BME communities to work in local communities to raise awareness of good practice, support information sharing and hold local services to account
  • Ensure the ownership of BME culturally appropriate support from mainstream services
  • Ensure the issues facing people with learning disabilities from BME communities are taken forward through individual representation and involvement in the Clinical Commissioning Groups, GP Partnership Panels and Health Watch.
  • Develop a user group representing all of the equality strands that can relay concerns and issues to the NHS National Commissioning Board
  • Open out the BME agenda to other client groups and sectors including disability and mental health


Giving us a Voice

Giving Us a Voice is a project carried out by ARC, BILD and Mencap.

It has written a national Charter for Inclusion for people with learning disabilities and their families from ethnic minority communities.

An easier to read version of the National Charter has also been produced.

Giving Us a Voice Getting Involved Guide for families of people with learning disabilities from ethnic minority communities has also been produced.

TheGiving us a Voice team have worked across the country to involve people with learning disabilities and their carers in regional meetings to tell local policy makers about what they need and expect from services.

There is clear evidence that, at present, services are not reaching these communities. They are often excluded from taking part locallly by lack of contact and language difficulties. They believe that no-one will listen.

Giving us a Voice tackles this problem by challenging people who plan and deliver services to sign up to the ‘Charter for Inclusion’ which the project has produced from 9 regional meetings with people with learning disabilities, their families, service developers and service deliverers. The regional meetings hoped to encourage future participation by local communities in service planning.

Over a thousand people have been involved so far in developing the Giving Us A Voice charter.

Find out more at the Giving Us a Voice website.


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