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Saturday 18 January 2020
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Examples of BILD's work

About BILD

BILD uses its books and journals, conferences and events, and membership information and networks to encourage the exchange of new ideas and good practice.

We also provide consultancy and, through support for the health and social care qualifications and training in the workplace, we can help support the development of staff and the organisations they work for.

We also work on a variety of projects, often delivered in partnership with others.

All our projects involve placing people with learning disabilities and family carers at the centre of the discussion into past experiences and future possibilities.

Among the BILD projects that best illustrate our work and approach are:


If you want to know more how BILD could work on a similar project for you, have a look at our page about BILD consultancy, We can help you, or contact Keith Smith on 0121 415 6960, email k.smith@bild.org.uk