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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Kate picks up award for being 'An Amazing Person'

Congratulations to Kate Brackley, BILD’s Learning Services Assistant, who has been given an award for her advocacy work for people with learning disabilities. We asked Kate to tell us how she feels about winning the award.

“Respect Ability funded by the Big Lottery joined together to showcase what people with learning disabilities can achieve and to show their talents as an amazing person through their lives.

The Monday Night Club that I attend with other people with learning disabilities played host to an awards night to recognise these amazing people and to really recognise who these people are. I was one of 7 people that got nominated for one of these awards. I was unaware that I would win and I did exactly that.

Speakeasy NOW’s chief officer put my name through as a nomination and I feel proud that she did as I did not expect to win such a big award. The reason that I won was because of my work for BILD and also for my advocacy work that I do outside of BILD. I do such a lot for other people as I have a passion for people with learning disabilities to give them a good quality of life.

To be honest I was in complete shock, as I have never been nominated for anything, let alone actually won. I am completely proud of what I have achieved and the fact that I did not have any confidence that I could win this award. It felt a bit strange knowing that I had finally been recognised for what I have done and accomplished in my life and that feeling was just overwhelming.

The award that I received was a certificate, a bouquet of flowers, a plaque is being made with my name on it and also I am going to be filmed about my life for all the good things that I have done and that in itself is incredible to have all of this.

I am absolutely privileged and I do feel that I am an amazing person but I still think that I do it for the love of the job and enjoying every single minute of making people’s lives better and for them to have a good life.

My thanks goes to Speakeasy NOW and the Monday night club for me to be recognised they are both incredible and the work that they do can make people with learning disabilities better and to be given the right quality of life and for them to have a future.

I may be someone with a disability but I do feel that I am special but knowing I am an amazing person is the best feeling to date. My other thanks is to BILD for letting me have a really great job and this strengthens my life to be working and to be someone that is willing to be included in the community so I can lead the way into my future.”

November, 2017

Kate award
kate brackley

Kate Brackley, BILD Learning Services Assistant