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Monday 09 December 2019
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100 Coaches Programmes: Belinda Bradley Case Study

As a part of our 100 Coaches Programmes celebration, we spoke to some of the people who attended the very first coaches programme in December 2014

In December 2014 Belinda Bradley, now Head of PBS at MacIntyre, attended the first CAPBS Coaches Programme course run by the Centre for the Advancement of Positive Behaviour Support (CAPBS), at BILD. 

How did you feel about the Coaches Programme when you were on it?

“I went on the programme with the aim of improving the support MacIntyre offered to individuals who were most at risk of community exclusion and the use of restrictive practices. I also wanted to promote a more preventative and evidence based culture across the whole organisation.  

During the three days I felt really excited to be in room full of people with similar values and ambitions for their organisations and I remember a growing feeling of how much it would be possible for us to achieve within MacIntyre.

Did you feel the course equipped you to take the next steps necessary within your organisation?

“I left with a huge sense of urgency, a very clear vision for what we needed to achieve and, most importantly, feeling very confident about the road ahead. This confidence came largely from PBS’s evidence base and from the materials and group experiences we had shared on the course.”

What happened after the Coaches Programme?

Following the Coaches Programme, Belinda challenged her own organisation to implement Positive Behaviour Support. 

“I started with our Directors who had never previously been shown physical intervention data. The use of these interventions had been falling reasonably steadily since 2012 but Directors were still quite surprised to see the total figures. I also showed them evidence from other organisations showing a much faster reduction rate, and research evidence that showed restrictive interventions escalating behaviours of concern, where non-restrictive interventions de-escalated these behaviours. I proposed the need to invest much more in pro-active training and our ability to carry out functional assessments. 

PBS was so closely aligned to MacIntyre’s DNA, our values and behaviours, that I quickly had the Director’s support.

In early 2015, MacIntyre decided to formally adopt PBS through an organisation-wide approach. Recognising the way PBS would fit with MacIntyre’s DNA, the new policy was developed with careful reference to significant recent changes in legislation and good practice guidance. It was strongly influenced by evidence-based practice and its development was supported by CAPBS.

We then agreed PBS success measures which included training at least one BILD PBS Coach in each MacIntyre area."

What are you most proud of achieving since the Programme? 

“I am really proud of the number of people we now have across MacIntyre who are totally passionate about every aspect of PBS.  It is these people who are making the real difference to the lives of the people they support and I feel really proud every time I hear how knowledge of PBS has helped a team make a real change to the quality of a person’s life.  We now have over 60 PBS Coaches within MacIntyre and at the end of 2016 we seconded two of these Coaches as Lead PBS Coaches to ensure we can support each of these people to be the best they can be.

Earlier this year we reviewed the success measures we set back in 2015.  I was really proud by how much we had achieved.  Whilst it is the stories and evidence of changes to a person’s quality of life that make me feel the most proud, I was also quite bowled over when the data showed we had also reduced use of the most restrictive physical interventions by 93%.”

What pleases you most about the progress you’ve made?

"I am really pleased that so many other people in MacIntyre have now had the chance to go through the PBS Coaches programme and that people continue to finish the programme buzzing and itching to get started implementing changes in their services. This has helped us really begin to embed the core elements of PBS throughout everything that MacIntyre does. Being able to implement PBS at an organisation wide level has meant that every person we support has had the opportunity to benefit from increased focus on the values, attitudes and approaches that contribute to really excellent support and more fulfilling lives."

Did you join the CAPBS Coaches Network?

“Given the crucial role practice leaders can play in the implementation and maintenance of PBS, myself and many of MacIntyre’s coaches have taken advantage of the practice sharing and CPD opportunities offered by joining the Coaches Network and attending Summits and regional meetings.”

6 December, 2017


belinda bradley

“I left with a huge sense of urgency and feeling very confident about the road ahead.”