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Thursday 14 November 2019
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Build for the Future

Build for the Future

Build for the Future is a group of over 30 people from eight advocacy organisations. They work with BILD to make sure that BILD’s work is rooted in the real life experiences of people with learning disabilities.

The organisations are:

  • Somerset Advocacy

  • Taking Part, Shropshire

  • Taking Part Telford and Wrekin
  • Our Way, Worcestershire

  • Talk Back, Buckinghamshire

  • Options for Life, Walsall

  • Culture Speak Out, Coventry

  • People's Power Advocacy, Sheffield



BFF Look to the Future

We're looking to the future!

At their last meeting, Build for the Future had a session on issues around tranport for people with learning disabilities - what are the problems, what needs to be done? This was to be fed into a transport consultation run by the Government.




Build for the Future have their say on the new NHS Constitution in Easy Read


In September members of Build for the Future participated in a focus group to discuss an Easy Read version of the newly revised NHS Constitution. Whilst not all members of Build

The focus group was led by James MacDougall and Stephen Robinson from the NHS Constitution team and was intended to provide feedback on the current easy read document, produced in 2009, which could help with the development of a new and improved version.

From the offset everyone at the meeting was keen to share their views on what was good about the document but also what changes would make the new version better, more accessible and easier to understand.

The group agreed that the Constitution itself was commendable and that its emphasis on rights, values, principles and pledges should be used to improve access to quality healthcare. However, all present were very critical of the current easy read document and provided James and Stephen with plenty of practical suggestions for the new version.

All present emphasised the need for clear ways to complain if health services fail deliver what is set out in the constitution but, equally, people also wanted ways to register positive experiences when praise was warranted.

In addition, the group discussed ideas for publicising information about the NHS Constitution such as through the use of posters, summaries and DVD clips telling real life stories.

Kate Brackley, a member of Build for the Future who took part in the focus group, said she thoroughly enjoyed meeting James and Stephen and that "the meeting was really interesting".

James and Stephen were impressed with the enthusiasm of the group and incredibly pleased with the number of comments and ideas that were shared. They hope to have a first draft of a revised version available for comment by the end of October 2013. BILD will then circulate this amongst all of our members.

It is anticipated that the final version of the NHS Constitution in Easy Read will be completed by the end of 2013.



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Build for the Future June meeting

June: Planning for the Future

To start off, Build for the Future were given a tour of BILD's new offices in Birmingham .

In the meeting, everyone talked about BILD's topics and themes for the future and gave their views on BILD's plans. The topics included Money, Home, School, Being Healthy, Work, Social life, Family and lots of other ideas suggested by members of the group.

The group also talked about accessible information and what makes something easy to read compared to what makes something more difficult to understand.

The last item discussed in the meeting was the Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme. Build for the Future thought about questions such as:

•    What has been done?
•    What should happen next?
•    Will it affect us?

The meeting covered a lot of different issues and gave BILD a lot of things to think about.

[ Zoom ]
Build for the Future - Money
[ Zoom ]
Build for the Future - School




BFF 13 March image

March Build for the Future - what needs to change for people with leaning disabilities?


The Learning Disability Coalition wanted to know how things can be better for people with learning disabilities over the next 10 years.

The Coalition will put this in a report that will go to the Government, councils, services, hospitals and lots of other places to tell people how things can be made better.

Build for the Future talked about this and used posters to illustrate what they thought could and should be done.

Below are photographs of the final posters that were sent to the Coalition.

[ Zoom ]
Build for the Future 1
[ Zoom ]
Build for the Future 2
[ Zoom ]
Build for the Future 3
[ Zoom ]
Build for the Future 4

Build for the Future October 11

Build for the Future discusses 'Caring for our Future'

The meeting on 19 October discussed some important subjects.

There was an update on responses to the abuse seen on the BBC Panorama programme about Winterbourne View.

This was followed by group work to give their views to the Department of Health's consutation, 'Caring for our Future', about future planning for social care.

Among Build for the Future's feedback was:

Quality care

How could care be better?

  • People with disabilities to be involved in the training of Social Workers, Support Workers, Carers and other professionals
  • Support network for parents and carers - raising awareness that people are free to make life choices
  • Changing the attitudes of the general public by disability groups going into schools and working with children
  • People should not have to wait a long time to be diagnosed
  • Teachers should be trained to spot disabilities issues at early age
  • Care should be directed to the need of the individual, everyone is different and that should be recognised


Local care services

How can we make sure there are lots of local organizations which can provide different types of care?

  • More local advocacy
  • Advocacy and Experts by Experience to be involved in every stage of tendering and contracts with providers, to keep it local.
  • Make sure we go for quality service rather than the cheapest.
  • Review services – make sure they are doing a good job. Involving people that use services, carers and services users.


Making services work together better

How can we make sure the NHS, social care and other support services work more closely together to make things easier for people who use more than one service?

  • Praise good practice by new staff – for example, A young person’s MH unit had a new staff member who suggested that staff take off their badges and all staff and patients to sit together at mealtimes. This helped to stop 'them and us’.
  • Sharing of information between the different services so that the individual has consistency.
  • For each of the services to have more understanding of learning disability and the problems they face when accessing health services.
  • The presumption of the professionals before meeting the patient is often a problem.


Build for the Future cake cutting

Kate and Theresa, who between them have worked for BILD for more than 20 years, cutting the cake at the Build for the Future celebration of BILD's 40th birthday.


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