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Saturday 16 November 2019
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1990s: A time of growth

Oliver Russell
As Chair of trustees in the 90’s I was pleased to share in the transformation of BILD which took place under the energetic leadership of John Harris.

Management was enhanced; Council expanded its advisory role through the recruitment of specialist advisors; BILD's academic affiliation to the University of Birmingham was strengthened; new journals were published and our publication list expanded.

The limitations of the Lea Castle site led to the move to the current location in Kidderminster. BILD annual conferences became more ambitious and every op-portunity was taken to encourage the participation of people with learning disabilities.

During the 90s self and citizen advocacy became key themes in our work. It was fitting that in the final years of the decade BILD members played key roles in laying the groundwork for the White Paper 'Valuing People' which, although not published until 2001, had its roots in the 1990s

Oliver Russell

Oliver Russell Oliver was a BILD Trustee 1996 to 2004, Chair of Trustees, and BILD Patron from 2004


1990s friends
BILD’s advocacy events of the 1990s helped support people to speak up and make their voices heard.

Books helping make change happen no. 3

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Physical interventions a policy framework cover
Physical interventions: a policy framework.

John Harris, David Allen, Marion Cornick, Alan Jefferson and Richard Mills (1996)

Over the last fifteen years BILD has been a leader in the promo-tion of a positive behaviour support approach to the management of behaviour that is seen as challenging by services.

This book explained the need for a strong legal and values base to underpin the development of policies on the management of behaviour and the use of physical interventions.

John Harris was BILD Chief Executive from 1989 to 2004.
Forgotten lives cover
Interested in finding out more?
BILD has books on the history of learning disability and the life stories of people with learning disabilities on our books page.

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Swanwick Conference 1992 was popular
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old BILD Bulletin
High quality information and support
One of BILD's strengths throughout the 1990s was the quality of information and support provided by its Library and Information Service.

Timeline: 1990s

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