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Saturday 16 November 2019
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1980s: BILD leading the way

BILD courses and events were always highly sought after

Many people know BILD best through its courses and events, or that is their introduction. Some courses from the 80s deserve a special mention for the way they supported and led changes that were happening.

The course for community learning disability nurses was highly regarded and sought after as it was the first of its sort before statutory courses were in place.

At the time community learning disability nurses were few and far between and the courses from BILD were a strong and positive way to learn and develop as the role evolved and the numbers increased.

Equally the multidisciplinary courses brought professionals together that were traditionally very separate and focussed on how they could and should work together.

Now it sounds nothing more than what everyone could and should be doing, but at the time the courses started, it was absolutely not the norm.

Sue Carmichael

Sue became a member in the early 80s when she moved into community settings and a professionally isolated position. BILD kept her safely and firmly in touch. Later when she worked at Lea Castle, BILD was her next door neighbour and the friendship and support has continued.

The Silent Minority - life in long stay hospitals in the 1980s

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Silent Minority 2
The Silent Minority, shown on ITV television in June 1981, was a documentary highlighting conditions at two long stay hospitals - Borocourt Hospital, Reading, Berks and St Lawrences Hospital Caterham, Surrey.

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The usual suspects

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80s staff group image

Who can you name in this 1980s BILD staff group?

Books helping make change happen no. 2 

close to home cover

Close to Home

David Felce and Sandy Toogood (1988)

David Felce was chief executive of BILD between 1987 and 1989, this book documented a ground-breaking development of local community based housing support for nine people leaving a large 'mental handicap' hospital.

The right kind of divisions

bimh south west
bimh midlands
bimh southern
bimh south east
bimh scotland
bimh wales
bimh north
bimh eastern
BILD's divisions in the English regions, Scotland and Wales - a real strength of the 1980s

Timeline: 1980s

1980s timeline 3